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I did art at school and on and off after leaving school until 2003. I stopped doing any art after 2003 due to health issues. I started art classes in 2011 and I haven’t looked back ever since. I love the creative process and I enjoy looking at art work and investigating more information about the artists.

Rob and I have known each other years and I had no idea he had any interest in art until about a year ago. I have been helping Rob with his natural talent for art and together we spend time creating art together. I like working along side Rob and being able to pass on the knowledge that I have learnt onto him is really great.

My confidence in myself as well as creatively has grown and I am looking forward to a very creative future.


I never had any interest in art for 45 years of my life. As a child I couldn’t draw and was told by one and all not to bother, so I didn’t. In the year 2000 I bought a watercolour paint set whilst on holiday in Portland Bill. I attempted to capture an image of Chesil beach. Not very impressive so I gave up for another 8 years. I still have that painting. Then I met Lea Sapsford. We had worked together in the ‘90’s but I had no idea that she was an artist at the time.  In 2014 I picked up a paintbrush again and with a little encouragement and copious lessons from Lea I have now discovered that I can paint and draw all it takes is determination and a will to succeed. I have experimented with all mediums and really enjoy the challenge. I uploaded my first ever drawing, which was of a horse, onto a painting website and received nothing but praise and encouragement. I am now really enjoying painting in oil and learning so much.


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